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4G PTZ 360° Live Streaming

Voopeak® 🌟Star Trail Cam-Upgrade TC17/27

Enjoy wildlife adventure outdoor or backyard and Keep your home & Farm Security with Voopeak upgrade TC27 4G Solar Powered Trail Camera.

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Trail Camera Guide

  • Cellular trail camera work like a cell phone in that when the trail camera captures photos and videos, they are sent to your phone in real time using your wireless provider's cellular network. Therefore, it can be used to observe wild animals, and it can also be used to ensure safety.
  • Cellular trail camera network selection doesn't have to match your cell phone network, cellular trail cameras allow you to choose the network with the best reception in your scouting area.

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Voopeak® Brand Growth Story

Begining of the nature

Voopeak TC03

The TC03 isn't merely a trail camera—it's the embodiment of Voopeak's dedication to innovation, excellence, and the adventurous spirit. As the pioneering model of our advanced trail camera series, the TC01 brings the wild's mysteries to your fingertips, signaling the dawn of a thrilling era where technology harmonizes with nature. every capture tells a tale. Welcome to our new era of wilderness exploration.

Solar Powered Design

Voopeak TC08

To conquer the wild's energy challenges, the TC08 was born. Harnessing the sun's energy and a robust lithium battery, it ensures an unyielding watch. With a remarkable 0.1-second trigger, it swiftly immortalizes nature’s fleeting moments, offering not just a snapshot, but a story of life's uninterrupted flow.

Inovatitive Star Trail Cams

Voopeak TC17

In order to achieve real-time transmission , we unveiled the TC17. With the power of a 4G connection, it ushers in an era of immediate sharing, where every picture and video is streamed in real-time, accompanied by prompt alerts. The TC17, embracing a PTZ design, allows for remote control through your mobile, providing 360° coverage without blind spots. Its 2K HD resolution ensures that each detail is visible, both day and night. And with its solar-powered panel, it promises continuous operation, It became Voopeak’s star product as soon as it was launched.

Starlight night vision

Voopeak TC22

With the debut of TC22, we're returning to the essence of nature observation. Equipped with a dual-lens starlight night vision, the camera pierces through the veil of darkness. Combined with a 4K video resolution, it restores and presents nature in its most vivid and lifelike imagery. The TC22 is not just a trail camera; it's a silent guardian that harmonizes with the raw beauty of the natural world.

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