About Us

VOOPEAK started with a passion for wildlife videos and was very interested in the survival of wildlife in the home and in the wild. And then began to sprout the idea of making a camera for better observation of wild animals.

To understand the habits and activities of animals without disturbing and destroying their lives and environments. With that in mind, start forming a team with interested partners. In 2022, Voopeak was established to focus on developing and manufacturing trail cameras. During 2 years, we already have independent development team and manufacturing team. 4 engineers, designers and manufacturing experts work closely together throughout the development and testing process to focus on developing and manufacturing trail cameras. And in 2021 we will start to open our trail camera Amazon store. Opening our website in 2022. We are so happy to get your favorites on amazon, whether it is the store or the website, if you have other trial camera questions, interesting animal events, or new discoveries for any animals, feel free to call, email or chat with us, we are very happy Looking forward to meeting you.

VOOPEAK emphasizes creation, quality and service in our quest to produce better trail cameras. We hope that our efforts and creations can help people to explore nature and get closer to nature, and understand this illusive and fascinating earth.

At present, we have created several basic functional trail cameras. In addition to basic trail cameras, we strive to make trail cameras that are industry benchmarks. Here we have created several top trail camera lines, which are as follows

  • The trail camera with the highest parameters: picture and video up to 60MP/4K. the highest parameters trail camera on the market.
  • Solar-powered trail camera: the camera is equipped with solar panels, which can convert solar energy into electricity to provide continuous power supply for the camera, providing a constant source of electricity for trail cameras. Save a lot of batteries, environmental protection and save money.
  • 4G cellular trail camera: no wifi distance limit, even if you are in the other end of the country, you can receive the tracking camera at any time and anywhere animal pictures and video of the 4G cellular tracking camera.

In this short year, we are also very happy to see that VOOPEAK has been loved and recognized by consumers in amazon. Your support is the driving force and direction for our continued struggle.

Our goal

At Voopeak, our slogan, Eyes in the wild isn't just a phrase – it's our guiding principle. We invite you to join us in capturing the essence of the great outdoors, one image at a time. With Voopeak, the wild is closer than you ever imagined

Professional, efficient, practical - VOOPEAK will be your best choice.

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If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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Company: Shenzhen Jinmai Technology Co., Ltd.

Address:Room 301, Building A, Hongshengyuan Information Industry Park, No. 339, Bulong Road, Ma'antang Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 

Note: JINMAI TECH LLC is our US branch.

If you need to visit us in person, you can come to our US company address, but please make an appointment with us 2 days in advance via email support@voopeak.com

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