Purpose of Trail Cameras - Hunting Wild Animals

Purpose of Trail Cameras - Hunting Wild Animals

Hunting, once the most important productive activity for human survival and development, has evolved today into the most modern sport with deep cultural heritage, and is known as one of the three noble sports together with equestrian/golf. Hunting tests people's wisdom, courage and perseverance. Hunters love nature, integrate into nature, and personally experience the relationship between nature and human beings.

The media or many friends portray hunting as a ruthless and barbaric behavior. Without really thinking about it, they don't see the other side of hunting. Hunting is not only a sport, but also a way of life associated with society. Hunting produces very many benefits in society, both in terms of wildlife management and conservation of species habitat, as well as through financial contributions and the promotion of an organic way of life is a huge contribution to the continuation of conservation through the continued financial support of every hunter who hunts legally, shouting slogans does not work.

The Countries Where Hunting is Legal are Listed Below:

USA South Africa Canada
Mongolia Russia Tanzania
Sweden New Zealand United Kingdom
Namibia Argentina Australia

Introduction to the American Hunting Market:

Hunting Season: September - April each year; different animals, different hunting seasons

Hunting Objects: Big game refers to the deer family, including moose, mule deer, white-tailed deer, black-tailed deer, grizzly bears, black bears, cougars, rock sheep and so on. Small game is categorized as wild hogs, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, etc.

Hunting Grounds: The states with the highest distribution of big game in the Native U.S. are Montana, Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Purpose of Trail Cameras - Hunting Wild Animals

State or Regional Context:

  1. Hunting needs to be done in the government's legal hunting seasons, while the hunter must also be legally qualified to hunt and have a legal hunting license, as well as a legal transportation permit for trophy hunting.
  2. The United States of America's hunting areas, from the nature of the owner is divided into: shared hunting areas and private hunting areas. Public hunting areas are all qualified hunters can go hunting hunting areas, public hunting areas are divided into national forest and mountain hunting areas and state land public hunting areas. Private hunting areas are divided into hunting areas open to hunters, hunting areas open to hunters after reservation is authorized and hunting areas that do not receive public hunters.
  3. Montana is also the birthplace of American hunting culture, the birthplace of American cowboy culture, and the last best hunting paradise in America. Montana is also one of the states with the most systematic and scientific hunting management. Eastern Montana is close to the main vein of the Rocky Mountains and has the most wildlife and the best terrain for hunting. It is recognized as one of the best hunting areas in the U.S. and is one of the most popular areas for hunting TV programs and hunting magazines in the U.S.; it has been called "Montana's Secret, America's Best Black Bear and Mule Deer Hunting Areas" by American Hunting Television.
  4. Most of the hunting areas in the United States are located in areas of high mountains and dense forests, the hunter's biggest problem is unable to find wildlife, which results in the success of the hunt to the prey of few hunters, which seriously hurt the hunter's self-confidence, so that the acquisition of high-quality trophies has become a luxury. As a result, hunters are constantly traveling between the states that have the most big game in the United States.
Purpose of Trail Cameras - Hunting Wild Animals

Introduction to the Canadian Hunting Market:

Spring hunting period is from April 1 to June 15, and fall hunting period is from September 10 to December 10

Hunting Objects:Black bear, North American horse deer (Elk), black-tailed deer (MuleDeer), cougar, arctic wolf, bighorn sheep, moose, grouse, rabbit, coyote, red fox.

Major Hunting Areas: Eight major hunting areas, Quebec Canada Hunting Area, Great Northern County Hunting Area; local hunting area brochures can be downloaded from the animal conservation website of each provincial capital;

National or Regional Background:

  1. As the second largest country in the world in terms of land area, Canada has a population of only 35.85 million, making it a sparsely populated country; hunting in Canada is an economic behavior designed by hunters and operated by the state.
  2. Canada is a country of private land ownership, but the country still owns a lot of land such as: national parks, wetlands, mountains and land that is not suitable for people to live or farm. Hunters have designed the country (both state-owned and privately owned) as a breeding ground for wildlife in a purely natural way. In order to protect the environment and maintain the ecological balance, the government has very strict regulations on hunting, and only certain animals can be hunted at certain times and in certain areas. Illegal hunting is punishable by a fine of 25,000 dollars and a ban on hunting for 8 years.
  3. In the process of implementing this program, the country has formed a complete industrial chain by increasing financial income and creating employment opportunities. More than 94% of Canada's land is actually under wildlife control, and according to statistics, Canada's wildlife saturation is 300%.
  4. Thousands of American, European and Russian tourists and hunters come to Canada to hunt every year. From the Rocky Mountains around British Columbia, to Alberta, Manitoba, the prairies of Saskatchewan, to Ontario, known as "Deer Hunting Paradise", to the three provinces adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, and then the world's first fishing grounds called Newfoundland, in short, here is the paradise of hunting, Canada is also one of the world's best hunting grounds;
Purpose of Trail Cameras - Hunting Wild Animals

An Introduction to the South African Hunting Market:

Most of Africa's bushmeat hunting services are located in southern Africa, and the main hunting season is in winter and June to August.

Main hunting objects: dozens of species of prey, in addition to the classic Big Five white rhinoceros, African elephants, African lions, leopards and buffaloes, there are nearly thirty different types of antelope, as well as caracals, musk cats, bat-eared foxes, Cape foxes, rock-hoofed rabbits, guinea pig-tailed baboons, warthogs, forest hogs, spotted hyenas, giraffes, hippopotamuses, honey badgers, ostriches, black-backed jackals, plains zebras, and many more to choose from.

Country or Regional Context:

  1. Rampant poaching in Africa requires the hiring of a considerable number of rangers, and local African governments in general have financial difficulties; African governments also need to protect endangered species, and can only obtain funds through trophy hunting in this particular way. Theoretically, in some cases, through reasonable "sport hunting", the hunting of a trophy bird can only be financed through this special way.Theoretically speaking, in some cases, through reasonable "sport hunting", the revenue gained from hunting a trophy can protect 2500 to 3000 of its kind.
  1. South Africa is the world's hunter's Shangri-La, the local people in their own completely ecological manor breeding a large number of wild animals, mainly to meet the needs of hunting enthusiasts from various countries, but also for the safari parks in various countries to provide a lot of ornamental animals. Every year, the South African safari parks and nature reserves will report to the Hunting Association the types and numbers of these animals to be eliminated, and then get the approval of the hunting quota.
  2. According to data published by the South African Professional Hunters Association in 2011, the commercial hunting industry in South Africa is worth approximately US$91.2 million per year. Participants are mostly foreign tourists, especially Americans.
  3. The captured game is sent to taxidermists for processing and is printed with barcodes that record the specific time of capture and quota identification. South Africa is a member of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and all animals listed in the Convention must have an import and export license in South Africa before they can be mailed abroad, otherwise they will be considered illegal.
Purpose of Trail Cameras - Hunting Wild Animals

An Introduction to the Australian Hunting Market:

Hunting Season: Duck hunting has a fixed period of time, Victoria, then, from the third Saturday in March at sunrise, to the second Monday in June half an hour after sunset end

Main Hunting Objects: according to the different hunting grounds can be hunted wild boar, wild goats, foxes, Australian wild dogs, ducks, kangaroos, rabbits, deer and other animals.

Main Hunting Grounds: Very often the deer hunting activities are in the high mountains in the northeast of Victoria, and sometimes even have to cross the border line to track the deer to the territory of New South Wales.

National or Regional Background:

  1. More than two hundred years ago, white European colonizers came to Australia, and apart from bringing guns and iron weapons, they also brought with them many species not originally found on this continent, such as pigs, sheep, horses, cows and other domestic animals, in order to facilitate their lives. Later, because of the negligence of the colonizers, some domestic animals began to escape into the nature without natural enemies, reproduced rapidly, and in the natural environment in accordance with the principle of survival faded domesticated characteristics, to restore the original wild nature. These are the wild boar and bison that now trouble Australians so much. Both of these animals now have large populations. They eat vegetation, destroy woodlands and compete with humans for food (the Aboriginal people's favorite food, turtles). It takes several years for forested areas that have been overrun by feral hogs to recover, but their continued destruction actually makes recovery less and less likely. To minimize this destruction, Australian society encouraged the hunting of these pests. Hunting has become an element of modern Australian culture.
  2. Hunting is strictly regulated by law. In general, there are only three types of animals that can be hunted: excessive numbers that exceed the carrying capacity of the environment; species introduced to Australia for hunting purposes, such as pheasants and deer; and exotic species that directly jeopardize biodiversity, such as wild rabbits and foxes. These two were also originally introduced as prey by early European settlers, but of course have now become demonic pest animals. In the northern hemisphere there are jackals, wolves, tigers and leopards to control fox populations, in Australia the fox, lacking natural predators, reigns supreme, with the Victorian Department of Agriculture offering a bounty on foxes, and there are collection points in all capitals.Victoria is an administrative region with an early legal system, and laws and regulations related to hunting were introduced in the 1860s. The current agency managing recreational hunting is the GameManagementAuthority (GMA). All sport and recreational hunting is regulated and licensed by this agency.
  3. Victoria is an early adopter of the legal system, with hunting laws and regulations in place since the The current agency that regulates recreational hunting is the GameManagementAuthority (GMA). All sport and recreational hunting is regulated and licensed by this agency.
Purpose of Trail Cameras - Hunting Wild Animals

New Zealand Hunting Market Introduction:

Hunting Season: February to August every year, is the best hunting season in New Zealand

Main Hunting Objects: deer, antelope, wild goat, pig, turkey, hare, ferret, wild cat, wallaby and goat.

Main Hunting Grounds: New Zealand Game Reserve - Glenroy Game Farm - National Parks

National or Regional Background:

  1. New Zealand has a temperate oceanic climate, with little difference in temperature between the four seasons, and very lush plant growth, with 29% forest cover and natural pastures or farms accounting for half of the country's land area. The only native mammal in New Zealand is the bat. For this reason, European colonizers introduced a variety of hunting species to satisfy their appetite for hunting. Lacking natural predators, these species once thrived. Today, the populations of these creatures are reasonably controlled by safe and regulated hunting. Hunting is permitted for deer (red, flat and merganser), antelope, tarsiers, wild boar, wallabies, goats and possums to name a few. In addition, New Zealand has superb waterfowl and upland bird hunting.
  2. Choose to hunt in national parks. The prerequisite is to apply for a hunting license. At the same time, you need to have enough hunting experience, a knack for tracking animals and a knack for reading footprints. You also need to be 1.5 kilometers off the main road or walking trail before you can start hunting. Violations reported will result in confiscation of firearms and in serious cases, revocation of the license.
  3. Trophy Hunting Fees
  • Wild deer - NZD300/ pcs.
  • Wild boar--NZD150/ pcs.
  • Wild sheep - NZD80/ pcs.
  • Small game free of charge (including: hare, civet, pheasant, wild duck, etc.)
Purpose of Trail Cameras - Hunting Wild Animals

An Introduction to the UK Hunting Market:

Hunting Season: spring and fall every year; pheasant shooting season is usually from October to February every year.

Main Hunting Objects: fox, rabbit, elk, shooting tackle, etc., pheasant (Pheasant) has also become one of the iconic British shooting game.

Main Hunting Grounds: The oldest foxhunting ground is located in Birdsdale, North Yorkshire, since 1670. Another famous foxhunt is at Cowan in Leicestershire, dating from 1696.

National or Regional Context:

  1. In 1066, the French Dukes of Normandy conquered England and with them the Norman tradition of hunting was brought to England. At that time, hunting deer and wild boar was an exclusive privilege of the royal family and superior guests. Afterwards, this privilege was gradually granted to the nobles and landowners, and the hunting culture in England gradually emerged and spread.
  2. In the 16th century, England's farmers found that foxes were a serious danger to farmland, and at the same time, the number of deer, a favorite hunting object, gradually decreased, and hunting foxes brought the joy of the chase, making it the ideal prey.
  3. The late 17th century to the beginning of the 18th century, organized fox hunting activities gradually became popular with the British upper class favorite leisure activities. For many participants, the purpose of going on a big hunt was to take part in the socializing that took place at the beginning and end of the roundup. To some extent, hunting is a symbol of status and position in a particular social circle.
  4. At present, the British hunting activities supporters are mostly aristocrats, tycoons and hunting industry practitioners; in recent years, the number of British aristocrats to reduce the activity also tends to be cold. Many foreigners, including many Chinese tycoons are attracted by the British culture to go to Britain to hunt, and become the new force of hunting activities.
Purpose of Trail Cameras - Hunting Wild Animals

Hunting - A Means of Wildlife Management:

The International Wildlife Conservation Organization identified " international hunting " as: a foreign hunter to the destination country, the target is one or several species of wildlife, foreign hunters are willing to pay a certain amount of money in order to obtain some kind of experience or trophy of an activity. In western developed countries, organized and planned hunting has become an important and effective means of wildlife management. International hunting is under the premise of maintaining the population size, maintaining the population structure, in the specified time, place and limited species, number, and the way of hunting activities.

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