2023 Fat Bear Week Champion—Grazer

2023 Fat Bear Week Champion—Grazer

In early October, The USA published wildlife news, one of the more eye-catching reports was the “Fat Bear Week” report.

The 2023 "Fat Bear Week" competition is still the same as before. It uses a group competition format to allow the largest and most popular bears in Katmai National Park to participate in the competition. Online voting is used to advance to the competition, so that on October Launching on 10th, Champions, a partnership between Katmai National and Preserve, Katmai Preserve and, is a way to celebrate the resilience, adaptability, and strength of Katmai National Park’s brown bears. Viewers and fans can vote for their favorite participating bear at

Viewers can watch Bruins live broadcasts through October on the website to find contestants they want to vote for.

We can see from the website that most of the equipment used to shoot brown bear videos uses professional wildlife cameras and field tracking cameras. These outdoor cameras used in live broadcasts can help us see brown bears catching fish, walking, resting, and other activities by the river. They give us a deeper understanding of the outdoor activities of wild brown bears and help us better understand living in harmony with nature.

These outdoor cameras and trail cameras need to have high resolution, good waterproof performance, a large detection range, and other functions, and the hunting cameras researched and produced by Voopeak have these functions at the same time. With the purpose of better studying and observing outdoor wild animals and promoting the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, Voopeak hunting cameras have been constantly striving and exploring to develop better hunting cameras to provide a useful auxiliary tool for customers who love wild animals.

High-resolution images and photos allow us to better modify, edit, and design them while maintaining the original clarity without damaging the quality. High-definition video can record more complete and clear events, allowing us to better observe and study the daily activities of wild animals.

Bear 128 Grazer is not only one of the fattest bears at Katmai National Park and Preserve, she's also one of the most dominant. National Park Service, F. Jimenez

This Picture From National Park Service, F. Jimenez

With Fat Bear Week in full swing, the winner was finally selected today—a female brown bear named Grazer. The winner of Fat Bear Week is not necessarily the fattest bear in Katmai. All competitors are winners based on popular vote. They all gained weight before hibernating and were fully prepared to hibernate against the cold.

We can see from the video and pictures recorded that Grazer is a very defensive female bear, very large, and all the details of her body can be seen in the picture. If the recording equipment for filming and live broadcasting does not have a very hard shell, once a big brown bear mistakes it for a dangerous presence, it will be attacked very violently, causing damage to the equipment. Professional hunting cameras and outdoor cameras are made of high-quality materials for better long-term and stable operation outdoors.

Voopeak Trail Camera

The equipment used in the live broadcast and recording of Fat Bear Week is relatively demanding. It not only needs to have high-definition resolution and good waterproof performance but also needs to have a sturdy shell and a stable fixation method to provide viewers with the best viewing picture. If you want to meet these requirements at the same time, you might as well consider Voopeak’s TC22 hunting camera.

The Voopeak TC22 hunting camera adopts a dual-lens design with different shooting effects during day and night, allowing the camera to capture high-definition images and ultra-clear videos with sound during the day. The built-in 850nm lightless night vision light allows the camera to work at night without disturbing wild animals. The camera’s starlight night vision function can capture color pictures and videos in low-light or low-light conditions, which is very suitable for recording brown bears. A day in the great outdoors. In addition, the TC22 is made of high-quality IP66-rated material, which has good waterproof performance and stability and is well adapted to harsh outdoor conditions. The integrated solar design also ensures that the camera can operate stably for a long time outdoors.

Most of Voopeak's cameras come with straps for installation and fixation, and you can choose to install them in the appropriate location according to your needs. If you want to shoot and record from a more professional angle, you can consider purchasing other related accessories or a professional tripod to use with it, so that you can get more exciting pictures and high-definition videos.

In any case, I am very grateful to Katmai Nature Reserve for organizing the Fat Bear Week event, which allowed us to see the behavior and living habits of big brown bears, which helps us better understand them and helps better promote wildlife. Knowledge of animals, better living in harmony with them and building a beautiful natural environment.

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