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The Outdoor Life of a Prairie Dog

On September 21, USA Today reported the news that a groundhog turned a gardener's backyard into a private buffet. After Jeff returned home from his trip, he discovered that there was damage to his back garden, so he bought a surveillance camera to investigate. He found a prairie dog gnawing on his vegetables. Looking at the cute prairie dog in the camera, Jeff was willing to do so. He shared the fruits and vegetables grown in the garden with it and named the groundhog Chunk. He used a camera to record Chunk's cute behavior in the garden, which brought joy to many netizens.

A very important auxiliary tool was mentioned in this news - surveillance cameras. The surveillance cameras helped Jeff find the prairie dog foraging in the back garden and uncovered the truth. Without the help of surveillance cameras, Jeff would have spent more time and energy exploring the facts. Although the news did not specifically mention what kind of surveillance camera was used, if you need to observe the activities of wild animals outdoors, perhaps a trail camera specially designed to monitor wild animals will produce better picture effects. Voopeak’s hunting camera is specially designed to record the activities and habits of wild animals.

If you also want to watch the lively behavior of wild animals visiting in the back garden like Jeff, you can use Voopeak T180 to record it. Just like the picture below, we can clearly see the birds foraging for food. Movements, bird feathers, eyes, and other details can be recorded in the video in great detail, so you won’t miss any wonderful moments.

When the Voopeak hunting camera detects a moving object within the monitoring range, it will capture the activity of the moving object in a very short trigger time, whether it is used to watch the outdoor behavior of wild animals or to monitor home security. You can use the Voopeak tracking camera to record the movements of target objects over a wide range without worrying about missing any important details.

If you want to check the situation in your back garden anytime and anywhere, you can use Voopeak TC17 and Voopeak TC18, two cellular network hunting cameras. These two cameras allow you to remotely control the camera, check the running status of the camera, and watch or download There are no WiFi signal or distance restrictions for pictures and videos. You can adjust the camera to view the area you want to view as needed, allowing you to more easily understand what is happening within the monitoring range.

Voopeak’s recently launched TC22 dual-lens hunting camera adopts a newly upgraded design, which can capture very clear pictures and videos no matter day or night. The starlight night vision function allows the camera to capture colorful pictures and videos in low-light or low-light conditions. As you can see in the picture, TC22 will not be recognized by wild animals when shooting at night, and will not cause any interference to them. Because Voopeak hunting cameras use glow-free night vision lights, it is necessary to ensure that there is no glare at night. be found without affecting the normal life of the animal.

Whether it is used for hunting activities, wildlife behavior monitoring, or garden security and farm security, Voopeak hunting cameras are a very suitable choice. We not only have a professional R&D team and sales team but also have online customer service at any time. The team ensures that you can enjoy attentive service at any time. We are also working on developing a hunting camera that better meets consumer needs, hoping to provide a very friendly auxiliary tool for all those who love hunting, observing the behavior of wild animals, and loving nature.

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