Voopeak TC02/T300 Trail Camera: A Detailed Review

Voopeak TC02/T300 Trail Camera: A Detailed Review

Welcome to Paul T Reviews, where we dive into the latest gadgets and gear for photography and videography enthusiasts. Today, we're focusing on the Voopeak TC02/T300, also known as the T300 trail camera. If you're venturing into the world of trail cameras or looking to upgrade your current setup, this review is tailored for you.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The unboxing experience is always an exciting start. With the Voopeak TC02/T300, you'll find a well-rounded package that includes the camera, an articulated arm for mounting, and necessary screws and rawl plugs for installation. There's a handy USB cable provided for charging the internal battery, and a strap for tree mounting, which is quite the standard affair but appreciated nonetheless.

As a seasoned photographer and videographer with over 40 years under my belt, I approach these reviews with a critical eye. Voopeak has sent me this trail camera in exchange for an independent review, so I'll be walking you through the ins and outs of this device.

Build and Design

Upon inspection, the camera is compact, and its build quality is reasonable for its price point. It's encased in plastic but feels sturdy enough for outdoor use. It boasts an IP66 water resistance rating, and after several nights out in heavy rain, I can vouch for its resilience.

Shooting in the rain

Notably, the camera features two plastic clasps and has space for four backup AA batteries (LR6), which are your insurance policy if the internal battery runs low. But the real star of the show is the integrated solar panel that charges the internal lithium battery. It's a game-changer, ensuring the camera is always powered up, switching to the backup batteries only when the charge drops below 10%.

The presence of two round brackets for a padlock is a thoughtful addition for security. The camera also includes a quarter-inch 20 socket for a tripod, fitting any standard tripod with ease. The location of the tripod mount at the back of the camera offers a sturdier setup, although it can be slightly more cumbersome when mounting the camera onto a tripod.

Image Quality and Performance

The image quality, both for videos and stills, is impressive. The daytime footage is evenly exposed with vibrant colors and sharpness that's pleasing to the eye. There might be a slight oversharpness, but it gives the footage a crisp look that I personally enjoy.

I've tested the video capabilities at various resolutions and concluded that 2.7K, or 1440p, offers the best bit rate, which translates to better overall quality. The camera shoots native 4K, but the bit rate is lower compared to 2.7K, so for this model, 2.7K is indeed the sweet spot.

Audio Quality Test

For the audio test, I spoke at a reasonable volume, with ambient noise from a road about 40 feet away. The camera managed to pick up my voice clearly, along with the rustling of leaves and passing wildlife, indicating a sensitive and capable onboard microphone.

Setup and User Experience

For newcomers, the full setup procedure is straightforward. The camera options are versatile, allowing you to select between photo mode, video mode, or a combination of both, with a photo taken before the video. The PIR interval is crucial for capturing continuous activity, with a minimum of 10 seconds for video, and five seconds for stills.

High PIR sensitivity is recommended to start with, but it's adjustable to reduce false triggers. Loop recording and infrared LED settings offer further customization, and the camera has a 'no shutting' feature to prevent operation if the battery is too low to power the LEDs.

The monitoring period can be set if you wish the camera to operate only at certain times, otherwise, it's a 24/7 surveillance workhorse.

Photo and Video Settings

In the realm of megapixels, more isn't always better. The TC02/T300 offers up to 30 megapixels, but I recommend sticking with 8 megapixels for the sharpest, truest images. Similarly, for video, while 4K is available, the optimal quality comes from shooting at 2.7K due to the higher bit rate.

Wi-Fi Connectivity and App Integration

The camera's Wi-Fi feature, which is activated via Bluetooth, is a standout convenience. I often use it right next to the camera to check the pictures I've taken, and it's invaluable for positioning the camera just right to get the frame I want. It allows for easy positioning and framing of shots using the 'Game Camera Pro App'. Although initially it may seem complex, once familiar, the process of connecting and using the app is quite swift.

Full review video

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up, the Voopeak TC02/T300 is a solid choice for those in search of a reliable trail camera. Its compactness, solar panel efficiency, and the added protection from the elements make it a worthy investment.

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