Voopeak TC21 Ultra Covert Trail Camera: An Exhaustive Review

Voopeak TC21 Ultra Covert Trail Camera: An Exhaustive Review

This is Paul T, and in today's session, we're taking a close, in-depth look at the new Voopeak TC21 No Glow trail camera. It's a game-changer in design and functionality, and I'm eager to share with you how it performs out in the wild, evaluating the stills, videos, and practical features.

What's in the Box

In our unboxing segment, you'll notice the TC21's radical design right away. It's impressively flat and designed for stealth. The package includes a substantial solar panel, mounting straps, and a USB C cable. The camera itself is waterproof with an IP66 rating and boasts no-glow LEDs at 940 nanometers for undetectable night-time operations.

Setting Up the Voopeak TC21

Setting up the TC21 is straightforward. It has a user-friendly interface with up, down, left, and right buttons, and a central 'OK' to confirm selections. You can choose between various modes – I'm opting for both photo and video.

With the PIR interval, I've set it to the minimum of five seconds for near-continuous recording once motion is detected. High sensitivity is my go-to setting to capture any and all movements.

The time-lapse feature is there, but I'm setting the camera to photo-only mode for this one. Loop recording is available, but I've turned it off as I don't want overwrites. For IR LED power, the 'auto' setting is my starting point – it's generally good enough without causing overexposure.

I've set the monitoring period to activate the camera from nine at night until seven in the morning. For frequency, I've chosen 50 hertz. 

For image size, although it goes up to 46 megapixels, I suspect that's interpolated, so I'm sticking with 12 megapixels for the stills. For video, there's 4K, 2K, and 1080p, all at 30 frames per second. I'm starting with 2K to balance quality and storage space.

Audio and Video Quality

The audio quality is a standout feature. I conducted a test three paces away from the camera, and the audio was crystal clear. The app showed it was recording, which is a handy visual cue.

Then I tested the focus range, crucial for those who like to get up-close shots of their garden wildlife. The TC21 managed to focus sharply as close as 33 centimeters, ideal for hedgehog enthusiasts like myself.

For stills, I selected 12, 20, and 46 megapixels and found no significant advantage in going higher than 20 megapixels. Video testing included 4K, 2K, and 1080p. The 2K provided a higher bitrate and better quality without the extensive file size of 4K.

Field Testing and Usability

Reviewing footage on the camera is made simple with a slider and big, easy-to-use buttons. The playback is smooth, and you can fast-forward, rewind, and even play videos in reverse, which is excellent for quick reviews.

The covert mask for the camera is a novel idea, offering additional concealment when mounted to a tree. However, it does make using a security cable more challenging. No-glow LEDs make the camera less detectable for security purposes, which is a significant advantage.

During field testing, I found that placing objects too close to the camera could result in slightly out-of-focus images. In general, the camera provided clear, sharp photos with good color balance, with the only overexposure occurring when subjects were inches from the lens.

Daytime Performance

In my actual testing, I found that setting the resolution to 12 megapixels was just right. It ensures clarity and detail without making the file sizes too unwieldy. With this resolution, you can clearly see the intricate patterns on bird feathers or the finest strands of fur on distant animals; the detail captured is truly remarkable.

Outdoors in the sunshine, the TC21 really performs well. It seems like every pixel is fully utilized, capturing images that are bright and full of contrast. The camera handles highlights and shadows in a balanced way, avoiding overexposure of the bright areas while retaining detail in the darker sections, showing off the sensor's good dynamic range. This balanced pixel usage ensures that daytime images are both true to life and vibrant.

All in all, if you're looking for a trail camera capable of capturing the splendid moments of the natural world, the TC21 is a great choice. Its 12-megapixel setting is more than sufficient for most outdoor activities and wildlife observation. Plus, it's pretty straightforward and effortless to use, so it won't weigh you down.

Night-Time Performance

The night videos and pictures are average, likely due to the 950 nanometer no-glow LEDs, but they're exposed evenly, with no hot spots. The overall image can be a tad dark, which is common, but this can be adjusted in post-production for a brighter outcome. The 120-degree wide lens captures a broad view, which I quite like.

Practicality and Security

The covert mask of the TC21 is a clever addition, providing extra camouflage when needed. It's a trade-off, though, as it limits the use of a security cable. However, the camera's no-glow LEDs enhance its use as a security device by keeping it undetectable to humans.

Throughout my testing, the camera provided sharp, clear photos with good color balance, with the only overexposure issue occurring when subjects were too close to the lens.


Certainly, based on the detailed script you provided about the Voopeak TC21 trail camera, here's an evaluation of its accompanying app without altering the original meaning:

One highlight of using the Voopeak TC21 trail camera that simply can't be overlooked is its dedicated app. This app opens up a new dimension of operability, allowing for quick connection to the camera via Bluetooth. Once connected to the camera's own Wi-Fi, you get a live preview of what the camera is seeing, which is incredibly useful for ensuring the camera is properly aimed at your target.

The app's user interface is intuitively designed, making it easy even for tech novices to adjust settings, such as changing the shooting mode or resolution. It greatly simplifies the process of making adjustments in the field, saving you the hassle of fiddling with settings on the camera's small screen.

Additionally, the built-in photo and video album feature of the app is particularly convenient, meaning you can review what you've captured right on your phone, without having to wait to get back in front of your computer. This feature is especially handy for quickly reviewing content you've captured while out in the field.

Of course, like all tech products, the app isn't flawless. Sometimes you might encounter connection issues, particularly in areas with competitive Wi-Fi signals. But once the connection stabilizes, the app performs very reliably.

This is the complete review video:

Final Thoughts

Wrapping things up, the Voopeak TC21 no glow trail camera is a fantastic addition to any wildlife enthusiast's or security-conscious individual's toolkit. Its most commendable features are the exceptional audio clarity and the straightforward user interface. There are minor cons, such as slightly dark night images, but these are overshadowed by the camera's overall strengths.


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