Voopeak TC22 Trail Camera: A Comprehensive Review

Voopeak TC22 Trail Camera: A Comprehensive Review

Welcome to Paul T's Review. Today we're exploring the latest in trail camera technology with the Voopeak TC22 trail camera.If you're in the market for a reliable trail camera that promises great performance day and night, put it to the test in the garden and let's break down what this camera has to offer.

Unboxing the Beast

Straight out of the box, the Voopeak TC22 comes with all the essentials to get you started. You'll find two straps for easy mounting and a pin to reset the camera, which is a nice touch from Voopeak. The camera itself has a pleasing weight to it—not too heavy, yet it feels durable and robust. The solar panel caught my eye immediately; it's larger than what you see on most trail cameras, suggesting it could be quite efficient at harnessing solar power.

The design of the TC22 is sleek, with twin lenses that promise detailed imagery and a set of sensors and LEDs that are well-integrated into its compact body. Turning the camera over, you'll notice the long brackets designed for tree mounting, featuring a serrated edge to grip onto the bark. However, the holes for a python cable seem a bit on the smaller side, which could be a concern for those using thicker cables.

Opening up the camera, you're greeted by a generously sized screen and user-friendly large buttons. Interestingly, there's no slot for AA batteries, indicating a reliance on the internal battery and solar power, which is a modern touch.

Charging and Setup

Charging the TC22 can be done via the solar panel or with an electric cable, with a small red light indicating the charging status. In the setup, remember that you'll need to provide your own SD memory card, and I recommend sticking with a Class 10 U3 card with a maximum capacity of 128GB. Trusted brands like SanDisk, Lexar, or Samsung are your best bet.

Delving into the Settings

I'll share with you the specific settings that I've found to work best for my needs, which include:

Using both photo and video mode for comprehensive coverage.

Setting the shortest interval between detections to ensure nothing slips by.

Disabling recording when the battery is low to save power.

Adjusting time-lapse settings for those stunning fast-forward nature shots.

Fine-tuning the lens settings for optimal performance during the day and at night.

Selecting my preferred video quality and frame rate for the best balance between clarity and storage space.

Regularly formatting the SD card to keep things running smoothly.

Customizing the date stamp for better organization of footage.

Putting the Audio to the Test

A trail camera's microphone can be just as crucial as its lens. I'll step away from the camera, break some sticks, and speak in my normal voice to see how well the TC22 picks up sound. We'll also try out the audio capture at a closer range to gauge its versatility.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capabilities

The TC22's Wi-Fi isn't for internet browsing but rather for positioning and connecting to your phone through the Wildlife Cam app. Bluetooth functionality is also included, primarily for waking up the camera, which is a handy feature for setup and maintenance.

Video and Photo Quality: A Closer Look

During the day, the video quality of the TC22 is impressive, with MP4 format files that showcase sharp and clear imagery. Nighttime performance doesn't disappoint either, with low glow LEDs that brighten up the scene effectively. There's a noticeable wide lens angle, though some vignetting at the corners is present.

The photos taken during the day are vibrant and accurate in color, and the audio capture here does not fall short either.

Final Thoughts

The Voopeak TC22 has earned a special place in my lineup. There are some minor inconveniences, like the somewhat fiddly articulated clasps and my wish for a tripod socket at both the back and base. However, these do not overshadow the camera's strengths.

For someone who values good audio, an integrated solar panel, a large screen, intuitive buttons, and a full-sized SD card slot, the TC22 ticks all the boxes. It's also reassuring to know that its IP66 waterproof rating holds up well against my region's wet conditions.

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To wrap up, our in-depth review of Voopeak TC22 trail camera reveals that it not only meets but exceeds expectations in areas such as high quality image and video. With its remarkable performance in this Functions, it stands as a top contender in its category. We wholeheartedly recommend TC22 to anyone looking for delicate high-definition picture quality. It's a game-changer that's well worth the investment.


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