Voopeak TC06 Trail Camera Review

Voopeak TC06 Ultra HD WiFi Low Glow Starlight Night Vision Trail Camera Review

The low glow starlight trail camera uses Sony IMX458 image sensor, Novatek 96670 chip and 6-layer high-quality glass wide-angle lens with dual-lens design. No matter day or night, you can get more details about wildlife at night. Utilize two advanced optical lenses to capture clear daylight conditions and vivid color pictures and videos in low light conditions. The saturation of the 2.4-inch LCD screen allows you to enjoy the vivid world of wildlife. In addition, the video resolution can also be adjusted to 4K 30FPS, 2K 60FPS, and 1080P 60FPS. But it doesn’t have cellular capabilities, instead it offers WiFi and Bluetooth. The hunting camera with 3 PIR sensors triggers as fast as 0.1 seconds once the movement of the animal is detected. And can detect motion beyond the specified 65-foot range and detect evidence of activity up to 80 feet away. The camera supports SD cards up to 128GB and runs on eight AA batteries. For security, it can be secured using a standard cable lock.



  • Low glow light
  • Dual Lens
  • 4K Videos
  • WiFi & Bluetooth


  • Visible Illumination
  • Short Strap with Plastic Buckle
  • Padlock & Cable Lock are Both Required to Secure the Camera

Detection Range

According to the manufacturer's specifications, the detection range of the product is stated as 20 meters (65 feet). However, during our observations, we have noticed triggers occurring at distances exceeding 80 feet.


The trigger speed of the product is remarkable, and even the video trigger operates almost instantaneously.


During the deployment of our game camera in colder temperatures, we have not encountered any notable problems with false triggers. However, it is important to note that this situation may change as temperatures increase. This is because many trail cameras are primarily sensitive to wind disturbances during the summer season.

Battery Life

For our initial test, we have utilized standard AA Duracell brand alkaline batteries. The camera has been operating in video mode and has been in deployment for approximately six weeks. At present, the battery status indicates a level of 70%.

Daylight Images

The quality of daytime pictures and videos is exceptional. The images are clear and sharp, and despite the 120-degree ultra-wide field of view, there is minimal distortion.

Lowlight Images

Under low light conditions, the image quality remains impressive. However, we had anticipated more color images during nighttime.

Night Images

Just like the lowlight images, our expectation for nighttime color imagery was not met. While we were able to capture full-color videos during our testing at home, we have encountered difficulty achieving color images in the field. However, it is worth noting that the infrared LED illumination does result in high-quality nighttime pictures and videos. On the downside, the flash emitted by the camera is visible to human eyes, which could potentially startle certain animals.


The Voopeak TC06 trail camera stands out with its innovative dual-lens and Starlight Night Vision function, which greatly enhances its image capture capabilities. It features a dual-lens design, consisting of an Ultra HD camera lens for daytime and an image noise reduction lens for nighttime, ensuring optimal image quality in various lighting conditions.

Equipped with a Sony IMX458 image sensor, Novatek 96670 chip, and a 6-layer premium glass wide-angle lens, the TC06 delivers exceptional performance. The 2.4'' LCD screen with preview mode allows for convenient image and video playback. The camera offers adjustable video resolutions, including 4K 30FPS, 2K 60FPS, and 1080P 60FPS, providing flexibility in capturing footage.

An impressive feature of the TC06 is its advanced H.265 4K 30fps video recording with sound, which significantly reduces memory card storage usage compared to MJPG videos commonly used in other trail cameras.

With 3 PIR sensors and an ultra-fast trigger speed of 0.1s, the camera swiftly activates upon detecting animal movements, ensuring that no crucial moments are missed.

The TC06 offers convenient connectivity options with WiFi and Bluetooth functionality. Through the WiFi application, users can easily adjust camera settings using their smartphones, even in hard-to-reach areas. The app also enables previewing of pictures and videos.

To enhance security and stability, the TC06 is compatible with a standard cable lock and can be further secured with a padlock for the latch. A mounting strap and bracket are included for easy installation.

In conclusion

Overall, the Voopeak TC06 low glow starlight trail camera stands out in the trail camera market for its high-quality pictures and videos, as well as its ease of use. Although there is room for improvement in nighttime color photography, current technology is innovative and beneficial. The setup process is simple and user-friendly, and the SD card capacity is ideal for storing the high-quality media it captures. The convenience of WiFi and Bluetooth is a significant advantage. All in all, the Voopeak TC06 offers great value for those looking for a trail camera that delivers quality pictures and video.

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