Voopeak TC08 Trail Camera Review

Voopeak TC08 Solar Powered Trail Camera Review

The Voopeak TC08 Trail Camera is a versatile device that combines a rechargeable battery with a solar panel for efficient power supply. It also has the option to use an additional four-battery pack as a backup.

This camera captures high-quality images at 46MP resolution and records 4K videos at 30 frames per second. Its low light performance is enhanced by two 850nm low glow LEDs, ensuring clear night vision photos with minimal noise.

With WiFi connectivity and compatibility with Bluetooth, the camera allows users to remotely preview, download footage, adjust settings, and check the lens angle through the "Wildlife CAM" app. The WiFi range extends up to 33ft (10m).

Featuring an 89° field-of-view lens and three PIR sensors, the TC08 trail camera covers a wide 120° detection range. It boasts a quick 0.1s trigger speed, capturing movements within 80ft.

Other notable features include support for micro memory cards up to 256GB, a 2.0-inch LCD color screen for direct viewing, and functions like time stamping, monitor period setting, password protection, and a lockhole for added security.

Designed to withstand outdoor conditions, this camera is rated IP66 waterproof and built with durability in mind.

Set Up

To set up the TC08 camera, you'll find a convenient 32GB memory card already installed. The setup process is user-friendly, thanks to intuitive menu options.

Before starting, it's important to fully charge the integrated 4400mAh lithium rechargeable battery. Please note that this initial charging may take several hours. You can use the provided USB cable for this purpose.

While the camera operates perfectly fine on its built-in battery, it also has a compartment that can hold four AA batteries. These serve as a backup power source if needed.

The camera features a built-in solar panel that helps recharge the internal lithium battery. However, it's important to note that the solar panel does not support the recharging of Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries.

Detection Range

Based on our comprehensive testing, the TC08 camera demonstrates an impressive detection range for capturing wildlife. The camera can effectively capture subjects from a distance of 60 to 70 feet.


The camera's trigger speed is satisfactory, especially considering its 89% field of view and the stated 120° detection angle. In theory, this configuration should allow the camera to activate before an animal enters its viewing range. While this is not always consistently observed, it does help reduce false triggers.


We are delighted to share that the TC08 camera exhibited exceptional accuracy during its deployment on a high-mountain ridge, an environment prone to strong winds and grass movement, which often causes false triggers in many cameras. The TC08, even in the highest sensitivity setting, performed remarkably well under these challenging conditions. 

Battery Life

The integrated solar panel on the TC08 camera is a valuable feature that greatly contributes to its impressive battery life. This commitment to sustainable energy is commendable. By harnessing solar power to recharge the built-in 4400mAh battery, the camera reduces the frequency of battery changes and minimizes its ecological impact.

During months of deployment, our thorough checks revealed that the batteries remained fully charged, even during the summer season. This indicates efficient solar recharging and demonstrates the camera's ability to sustain extended field use.

Daytime image quality

The Voopeak TC08 trail camera delivers impressive performance in capturing daylight images. It showcases a low ISO setting that effectively minimizes grain, showcasing a sensor capable of handling high contrast scenes with a wide dynamic range.

The camera excels in color representation, providing natural and well-saturated tones. This indicates accurate white balance calibration and effective color processing.

Overall, the images exhibit good sharpness, although some softening may be observed towards the edges, which can be attributed to lens characteristics or aperture selection.

The clarity of the images is notably high, allowing for detailed texture capture. Additionally, there are no noticeable issues with chromatic aberration or distortion, implying proficient lens quality or in-camera correction mechanisms. 

nighttime image quality

During nighttime, the camera seamlessly transitions to a dedicated monochromatic night mode, utilizing low-glow infrared illumination to capture images.

In low light conditions, the camera performs admirably by avoiding the necessity for a high ISO setting. This results in reduced noise levels and maintains image quality.

Despite the challenges posed by nighttime photography, the camera manages to maintain a commendable level of sharpness and detail. This indicates a well-calibrated focus system capable of handling nocturnal conditions effectively.


The design of the Voopeak TC08 Trail Camera embodies a practical and environmentally conscious approach that seamlessly combines technology with adaptability to various terrains.

With its durable and camouflaged finish, the TC08 is designed to withstand outdoor conditions while remaining inconspicuous. Its compact form factor houses advanced imaging capabilities, making it a versatile tool for capturing wildlife.

The integration of a top-mounted solar panel exemplifies the camera's energy-efficient design, providing a sustainable power source that reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

To ensure reliable performance in any environment, the camera is fortified with an IP66 waterproof rating, offering protection against water and other elements.

At Last

Overall, the design of the TC08 trail camera strikes a balance between sustainability, resilience, and high-tech functionality. It is an ideal choice for wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient tool for their outdoor adventures.

The Voopeak TC08 Trail Camera is undeniably a highly recommended tool for both wildlife enthusiasts and professional photographers. Its integrated approach to power and technology sets it apart.

With a 4400mAh lithium battery and solar charging capabilities, the camera offers extended field deployment without the hassle of frequent battery replacements. This showcases the manufacturer's commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency.

Setting up the TC08 is a breeze, thanks to the pre-installed 32GB memory card. Additionally, its wireless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth allows for remote operation and convenient data management, adding to its versatility in the wild.

The camera excels at capturing detailed wildlife images within a range of 50-60 ft, thanks to its wide 120° detection angle. While concealment may pose a challenge and lowlight images may have some graininess, its daytime performance is admirable, with low ISO to minimize grain, and its night mode preserves detail without excessive noise.

Color representation is natural and well-saturated, while clarity and detail are well-maintained, with only slight softening at the edges. The camera's trigger speed, although not groundbreaking, effectively minimizes false triggers and captures swift wildlife moments.

Accuracy is exceptional, even in high-sensitivity settings, ensuring reliable performance in different environmental conditions.

Durability is not a concern, as the camera is encased in a camouflaged and waterproof body, capable of withstanding diverse weather scenarios. While the strap could be longer and thicker, and the design may not be as discreet as some prefer, these are minor drawbacks in an otherwise versatile and capable device.

Overall, the Voopeak TC08 Trail Camera shines with its environmental friendliness, impressive battery life, and solid performance in various lighting conditions. It truly proves to be a valuable asset for capturing the beauty of nature.


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