Voopeak TC19 4k Solar Trail Game Camera With 2.0-Inch Screen (No Wifi)

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Solar Powered Trail Camera

About this item

Solar Integrated Trail Camera: This camera perfectly combines solar panels, built-in batteries and cameras, allowing the camera to have multiple power supply methods. It can be powered by the configured USB cable, the built-in battery powered by the solar panel on the top of the camera, and the AA backup battery, giving users a variety of options.

32MP HD Image and 1080P Original Sound Video: This outdoor hunting camera adopts advanced sensor and optical lens, which can shoot 32MP HD picture and 1080P original sound video. Its 1080P (30fps) video recording function displays the picture at a high frame rate to ensure smooth and clear pictures without a sense of stuttering, so that you will not miss any important moments. During use, just long press the menu button to easily switch into or out of the playback mode.

Loop Recording Function: This outdoor hunting camera also has a loop recording function, you only need to select "ON" in the menu to enable the loop recording function. When the storage space of the Micro SD card runs out, the old files will be automatically overwritten and the camera will continue to record. In addition, the camera also has other practical functions, such as sensitivity setting, date and time display, temperature display, time-lapse shooting, time interval setting, etc., making it easier for you to use the camera.

Night Vision Mode and Long-distance Detection: This camera has built-in 28 infrared LED lights, which can automatically switch to night vision mode, and can capture clear images and videos even in the dark. The camera can detect motion tracks within 65 inches, ensuring that you don't miss any wonderful details.

0.1 Second Trigger Speed: When the camera detects the movement of an object within the monitoring range, it will shoot video at a trigger speed of 0.1S to capture more wonderful moments of wild animals and provide you with more detailed and clearer observation materials.

IP66 Waterproof Design: This camera adopts IP66 waterproof design, which can protect the camera from working normally and stably under harsh outdoor conditions, and avoid damage from extreme weather such as wind and snow. Ideal for hunting, wildlife monitoring, farm monitoring and more.

Solar Powered Trail Camera

Various Power Supply Methods
This solar hunting camera provides you with a variety of power supply methods to ensure continuous and stable working performance. It has three flexible power options: USB cable power supply, built-in lithium battery and solar power supply, and AA battery backup charging, so that you can use it in various situations conveniently and get rid of the trouble of frequent battery replacement.

Solar Powered Trail Camera

Good Weather Resistance
This solar outdoor tracking camera adopts a high-efficiency IP66 waterproof design, showing excellent durability and adaptability. Its compact structure and good sealing performance enable the camera to operate stably for a long time in various harsh outdoor environments. Whether it is facing bad weather, rain and other bad weather, this camera can reliably protect the internal electronic components to ensure that its performance will not be affected.

Solar Powered Trail Camera
Warm Tips
  • Before use the trail camera, please charge the built-in rechargeable battery with the included micro USB cable and 5V wall outlet adapter(Not Included) for 8 hours.
  • In a low temperature or low sunlight condition, please use AA batteries as backup for better performance.
  • The solar panel only charges the built-in battery, but it does not charge AA batteries.
  • We recommend using a Class 10 or higher class Micro SD Card up to a capacity of 32GB. Please turn on loop recording function on the trail camera to keep recording. (SD Card Not included)
  • This camera is not a WiFi hunting camera, so it cannot be connected to a mobile phone
  • AA batteries are recommended for better performance in low temperature conditions
  • Photo megapixel:32MP
  • Video Resolution:1080P(1920x1080)
  • Trigger Speed: 0.1s
  • Screen: 2.0" color TFT LCD
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • USB Connection: Micro USB 2.0
  • Video Length: 5s-180s (default 10s)
  • Night vision: 26pc 850nm infrared LEDs
  • Distance of Night Vision: 65FT(20m)
  • 1*Trail Camera
  • 1*USB Cable
  • 1*User Manual
  • 1*Mounting Belt
  • 1*Threaded Tripod
  • 3*Screw